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sporty and open minded and over 12 years of expierence- thats me :)

my name is Ann-Kathrin, born in southern Germany and raised in Berlin. Since the age of 15 I have the opportunity to stand in front of a camera for many different projects. When I'm not in front of a camera I love to workout and do a lot of different kinds of sports. As a child I started with gymnastics followed by typical training at the gym. Couple years ago I started Crossfit and thats what I mostly do besides yoga and running the whole year .

In summer I spend my time as much as possible with some outdoor sports. In Berlin I go wakeboarding and stand up paddling. When we have good conditions I love to drive to the coast to go kitesurfing. 

I studied civil engineering with specification for waste water treatment and infrastructure so I'm definitely a tec- girl interested in environment and innovation.


Friends and family describe me as easy to handle, very active, open minded and ambitious. 


Are you in to work with me ? 


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